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A Sacred Piece of Home


A Sacred Piece of Home

A Documentary Series

Americans are from everywhere and they have brought their faiths and their building traditions to their new home. A SACRED PIECE OF HOME, a documentary series intended for public broadcast will bring to viewers a visual feast of distinctive architecture in styles from all over the world that have found a home in the U.S. Viewers will discover iconic places of worship both monumental and intimate, and learn about the communities who envisioned, built and commissioned them.

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Why this series?

In the political climate of the last few years the term “immigrant” has come to have a negative meaning. It connotes an “illegal alien” prone to criminal activity and a burden to society. This documentary series attempts to rehabilitate the meaning of the word by putting all the immigrant groups that have made the United States their home since its founding, at the same level no matter if they are of European, Latin American, African or Asian origin. The series is, in effect, a retelling of America’s story, of the myriad communities who settled in various regions and established their sacred piece of home.


Many minority ethnic groups in this country feel invisible. Some fear we are being erased or subsumed in the “melting pot.” Statistics minimize our presence. Mainstream discussions tend to stereotype or dismiss us. This series offers visibility and a chance to be counted - a place to speak out with authentic voices. Most of all, it gives us a chance to claim our membership in the American nation. 

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