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A Sacred Piece of Home: Places of Worship in Miami, Washington DC and Chicago will initially be broadcast on South Florida PBS (WPBT and WXEL) and offered to all public television stations in Florida. National distribution of the three-part series is planned for 2021, making it available to public television stations throughout the United States.


South Florida PBS serves an audience of approximately 6.3 million people from Key West to the Sebastian Inlet.


PBS (Public Broadcast Service) is known as America’s largest classroom, largest stage and a trusted window to the world, . . . is a near universal media service available in 9 out of 10 television households. It has more than 330 member Public Television Stations in all of America’s 50 States. Every month, PBS programs are watched by 109 million viewers on television and nearly 28 million people online.




This is an exceptionally prestigious sponsorship opportunity for corporations and philanthropic organizations to receive exposure on such a trusted platform as public television.


Commercial-free uncluttered environment: Sponsor's message comes through loud and clear because public television is uniquely different from commercial broadcasting by treating audiences as citizens, not simply consumers.

Most Trusted Institution: At a time when public trust in national institutions is eroding, PBS is rated #1 in public trust among nationally known institutions. (Marketing & Research Resources, Inc., (M&RR) 1/2018)

Strong Reach Across America Over the course of a year, 80% of all U.S. television households - nearly 200 million people - watch PBS. The demographic breakdown of PBS' full-day audience reflects the overall U.S. population with respect to race/ethnicity, education and income. (Nielsen NPower, 9/19/2016-9/24/2017)


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Making documentaries requires lots of money. We have raised some funds and need more.


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